eurovision 1965

all time rank: the position that the country and the song have between all the eurovision songs

chart from the game vote for the best eurovision song.

Eurovision Song Contest 1965
ESC 1965 logo.png
Final date 20 March 1965
Venue Sala di Concerto della RAI
Presenter(s) Renata Mauro
Conductor Gianni Ferrio
Host broadcaster Italy RAI
Interval act Mario del Monaco
Number of entries 18
Debuting countries
Returning countries
Withdrawing countries None

participating countries


The Eurovision Song Contest 1965 was the 10th in the series. Luxembourg’s win was their second. Belgium, Finland, Germany, and Spain each scored “null points” for the second time.The 1965 contest marked the debut of Ireland, a country which later went on to dominate the competition. This was also the first contest with over 16 countries participating with a total of 18 entries.
Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son sung by teenager France Gall which later went on to be a massive hit in almost all European countries.
For the first time, the Eurovision Song Contest was broadcast not only by the European Broadcasting Union, but also by Intervision, its Eastern European counterpart.

# Representing country Performer(s) Song title, writer(s) and composer(s) Points Place
01 Netherlands

Flag of The Netherlands
Conny Van den bos Het Is Genoeg 005 11
02 United Kingdom

Flag of United Kingdom
Kathy Kirby I Belong 026 02
03 Spain

Flag of Spain
Conchita Bautista Qué Bueno, Qué Bueno 000 15
04 Ireland

Flag of Ireland
Butch Moore I’m Walking The Streets In The Rain 011 06
05 Germany

Flag of Germany
Ulla Wiesner Paradies, Wo Bist Du? 000 15
06 Austria

Flag of Austria
Udo Jürgens Sag Ihr, Ich Lass’ Sie Grüßen 016 04
07 Norway

Flag of Norway
Kirsti Sparboe Karusell 001 13
08 Belgium

Flag of Belgium
Lize Marke Als Het Weer Lente Is 000 15
09 Monaco

Flag of Monaco
Marjorie Noël Va Dire à L’amour 007 09
10 Sweden

Flag of Sweden
Ingvar Wixell Absent Friend 006 10
11 France

Flag of France
Guy Mardel N’avoue Jamais 022 03
12 Portugal

Flag of Portugal
Simone de Oliviera Sol De Inverno 001 13
13 Italy

Flag of Italy
Bobby Solo Se Piangi, Se Ridi 015 05
14 Denmark

Flag of Denmark
Birgit Brüel For Din Skyld 010 07
15 Luxembourg

Flag of Luxembourg
France Gall Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son 032 01
16 Finland

Flag of Finland
Viktor Klimenko Aurinko Laskee Länteen 000 15
17 Yugoslavia

Flag of Yugoslavia
Vice Vukov Ceznja 002 12
18 Switzerland

Flag of Switzerland
Yovanna Non à Jamais Sans Toi 008 08

Returning artists

Artist Country Previous year(s)
Udo Jurgens  Austria 1964
Conchita Bautista  Spain 1961
Vice Vukov  Yugoslavia 1963

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