eurovision 1971

all time rank: the position that the country and the song have between all the eurovision songs

chart from the game vote for the best eurovision song.

Eurovision Song Contest 1971
ESC 1971 logo.png
Final date 3 April 1971
Venue Gaiety Theatre
Dublin, Ireland
Presenter(s) Bernadette Ni Ghallchoir
Conductor Colman Pearce
Director Tom McGrath
Executive supervisor Clifford Brown
Host broadcaster Raidio Teilifis Eireann (RTÉ)
Interval act Bunratty Castle Entertainers
Number of entries 18
Debuting countries
Returning countries
Withdrawing countries None

participating countries

For the first time in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest, Ireland hosted the event at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin. Compared to 1970, the number of participants rose again to 18 as Finland, Norway, Sweden and Portugal all re-entered after a year of absence. Malta had its debut, so altogether 18 countries were present and the contest was broadcast in 29 countries.The small principality of Monaco on the other hand won for the first time with the song Un Banc, Un Abre, Une Rue by French-born Séverine, who then went on to have a successful career especially in Germany.
Groups of up to six people were allowed to perform for the first time, with the rule in previous contests of performing either solo or as a duet abolished.
The rule of performing either as single or duet was abolished: now groups of up to six persons were allowed to perform at Eurovision Song Contests.

In this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, a new voting system was created: two jury members – one of them had to be younger than 25 – had to award between 1 and 5 points to each song. This created some problems because some juries gave fewer points than others. For example, Luxembourg awarded 43 points altogether compared to France’s 107! This system meant that jury members could vote tactically, awarding few points and hoping to gain many.
The BBC were worried about the possible audience reaction to the British song due to the hostilities raging in Northern Ireland. They specifically selected a singer from Northern Ireland, Clodagh Rodgers who was popular in both the UK and Ireland to ease any ill-feeling from the Dublin audience. She reported receiving death threats from the IRA for representing the UK.
The contest was broadcast in Iceland, USA & Hong Kong few days later.Monaco’s win was their first and only victory. The song was performed by a French singer, living in France, sung in French, conducted by a French native and written by a French team. Séverine later claimed she never visited Monaco before or after her victory.

# Representing country Performer(s) Song title, writer(s) and composer(s) Points Place
01 Austria

Flag of Austria
Marianne Mendt Musik 066 16
02 Malta

Flag of Malta
Joe Grech Marija L-maltija 052 18
03 Monaco

Flag of Monaco
Séverine Un Banc, Un Arbre, Une Rue 128 01
04 Switzerland

Flag of Switzerland
Peter, Sue and Marc Les Illusions De Nos Vingt Ans 078 12
05 Germany

Flag of Germany
Katja Ebstein Diese Welt 100 03
06 Spain

Flag of Spain
Karina En Un Mundo Nuevo 116 02
07 France

Flag of France
Serge Lama Un Jardin Sur La Terre 082 10
08 Luxembourg

Flag of Luxembourg
Monique Melsen Pomme, Pomme, Pomme 070 13
09 United Kingdom

Flag of United Kingdom
Clodagh Rodgers Jack In The Box 098 04
10 Belgium

Flag of Belgium
Lily Castel and Jacques Raymond Goeie Morgen, Morgen 068 14
11 Italy

Flag of Italy
Massimo Ranieri L’amore è Un Attimo 091 05
12 Sweden

Flag of Sweden
Family Four Vita Vidder 085 06
13 Ireland

Flag of Ireland
Angela Farrell One Day Love 079 11
14 Netherlands

Flag of The Netherlands
Saskia and Serge De Tijd 085 06
15 Portugal

Flag of Portugal
Tonicha Menina Do Alto Da Serra 083 09
16 Yugoslavia

Flag of Yugoslavia
Krunoslav Slabinac Tvoj Djecak Je Tuzan 068 14
17 Finland

Flag of Finland
Markku Aro and Koivisto Sisters Tie Uuteen Päivään 084 08
18 Norway

Flag of Norway
Hanne Krogh Lykken Er… 065 17

Returning artists

Artist Country Previous year(s)
Jacques Raymond  Belgium 1963
Katja Ebstein  Germany 1970

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