eurovision 1975

all time rank: the position that the country and the song have between all the eurovision songs

chart from the game vote for the best eurovision song.

Eurovision Song Contest 1975
ESC 1975 logo.png
Final date 22 March 1975
Venue Stockholm International Fairs
Presenter(s) Karin Falck
Conductor Mats Olsson
Host broadcaster Sweden
Interval act The World of John Bauer
Number of entries 19
Debuting countries
Returning countries
Withdrawing countries

participating countries

The Eurovision Song Contest 1975 was the 20th edition of the contest hosted by SR and held in Stockholm, Sweden. The arena for the event was the newly built Stockholm International Fairs in Älvsjö in southern Stockholm.another voting system was implemented which is still in use today. Juries in every country would give 1 – 12 points to their 10 favourite songs, starting with 12 points to their top favourite, then 10 to the second favourite, 8 to their third favourite, 7 to their fourth favorite and ending with 1 point for their tenth favourite. The votes were cast in the order the songs were performed.A record of 19 participating countries took part in the 1975 Eurovision Song Contest.
The Contest was won by Teach-In, who sang “Ding-A-Dong” in English, representing the Netherlands.The first entry of the night was the one of the Netherlands. The Dutch performers gave a magnificent perfomance and ended up with the trophy singing Ding-A-Dong. It was the fourth time that the Netherlands won the event.After its debut in the preceding year, Greece withdrew from the contest again. On the other hand, Turkey sent its first entry to the song contest and France and Malta returned.The Portuguese entry “Madrugada” was an unabashed celebration of the Carnation Revolution, during which the country’s 1974 Eurovision entry had played a pivotal practical role. According to author and historian John Kennedy O’Connor in his book The Eurovision Song Contest – The Official History, the Portuguese performer had to be dissuaded from wearing his Portuguese army uniform and carrying a gun onto the stage.Ellen Nikolaysen from Norway performed for the third consecutive year on the Eurovision Song Contest stage which was only preceded in the 1950s by Lys Assia and Corry Brokken and in the 1960s by Udo Jürgens, but was never repeated afterwards.
The Swedish left movement protested against the contest and its commercial aspect. At first the criticism was directed towards SR for the huge amount of money they spent on the contest but soon the protests developed into a movement against commercial music overall. . In the autumn of 1975 SR informed that Sweden would not participate in the 1976 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest due to the high costs that came with hosting the show. The rules later changed so that the costs were split more equally between the participating broadcasters.

# Representing country Performer(s) Song title, writer(s) and composer(s) Points Place
01 Netherlands

Flag of The Netherlands
Teach-In Ding-A-Dong 152 01
02 Ireland

Flag of Ireland
The Swarbriggs That’s What Friends Are For 068 09
03 France

Flag of France
Nicole Rieu Et Bonjour à Toi L’artiste 091 04
04 Germany

Flag of Germany
Joy Fleming Ein Lied Kann Eine Brücke Sein 015 17
05 Luxembourg

Flag of Luxembourg
Géraldine Toi 084 05
06 Norway

Flag of Norway
Ellen Nikolaysen You Touched My Life With Summer 011 18
07 Switzerland

Flag of Switzerland
Simone Drexel Mikado 077 06
08 Yugoslavia

Flag of Yugoslavia
Pepel In Kri Dan Ljubezni 022 13
09 United Kingdom

Flag of United Kingdom
The Shadows Let Me Be The One 138 02
10 Malta

Flag of Malta
Renato Singing This Song 032 12
11 Belgium

Flag of Belgium
Ann Christy Gelukkig Zijn 017 15
12 Israel

Flag of Israel
Shlomo Artzi At Ve’ani 040 11
13 Turkey

Flag of Turkey
Semiha Yanki Seninle Bir Dakika 003 19
14 Monaco

Flag of Monaco
Sophie Une Chanson C’est Une Lettre 022 13
15 Finland

Flag of Finland
Pihasoittajat Old Man Fiddle 074 07
16 Portugal

Flag of Portugal
Duarte Mendes Madrugada 016 16
17 Spain

Flag of Spain
Sergio y Estíbaliz Tú Volverás 053 10
18 Sweden

Flag of Sweden
Lars Berghagen and the Dolls Jennie, Jennie 072 08
19 Italy

Flag of Italy
Wess and Dori Ghezzi Era 115 03

Returning artists

Artist Country Previous year(s)
Ellen Nikolaysen  Norway 1973,1974 (part of Bendik Singers)

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