eurovision 1982

all time rank: the position that the country and the song have between all the eurovision songs

chart from the game vote for the best eurovision song.

Eurovision Song Contest 1982
ESC 1982 logo.png
Final date 24 April 1982
Venue Harrogate International Centre
Harrogate, United Kingdom
Presenter(s) Jan Leeming
Conductor Ronnie Hazlehurst
Director Michael Hurll
Host broadcaster United Kingdom BBC
Opening act Introductions by Jan Leeming
Interval act Pictures from Yorkshire and Castle Howard
Number of entries 18
Debuting countries None
Returning countries None
Withdrawing countries

participating countries

British broadcaster surprised everyone when deciding that the 1982 Eurovision Song Contest would be held in the northern city of Harrogate.Was the 27th Eurovision Song Contest and was held on 24 April 1982.The presenter was Jan Leeming. The opening of the contest showed a map of Europe, with the translation “Where is Harrogate?” popping up on-screen from the languages of the various countries. Then the map zoomed into Harrogate’s location in Yorkshire, followed by an introduction video spotlighting the town.
France was absent due to the fact that the national broadcaster thought that the Eurovision Song Contest would not be interesting for its viewers any longer. But already in 1983, France returned to the contest with a different broadcaster. Greece also withdrew from the contest, leaving 18 countries in the competition. Greece was supposed to enter the contest with the song Sarantapente Kopelies performed by Themis Adamantidis but the Greek minister of culture Melina Mercouri decided to withdraw the song just two weeks before the contest as it did not meet her quality standards.
The German entrant, Nicole, was the winner of this contest with the song, “Ein bißchen Frieden”.The song also cemented Ralph Siegel and Bernd Meinunger, the song’s composers, into German Eurovision tradition, writing 18 Eurovision songs between them before and after “Ein bißchen Frieden”, 13 of which were for Germany. This was the first time that Germany won the contest. It has competed every year (with one exception) since the contest’s inception. Germany won again in 2010, twenty-eight years after their first win.

# Representing country Performer(s) Song title, writer(s) and composer(s) Points Place
01 Portugal

Flag of Portugal
Doce Bem-bom 032 13
02 Luxembourg

Flag of Luxembourg
Svetlana Cour Apres Le Temps 078 06
03 Norway

Flag of Norway
Jahn Teigen and Anita Skorgan Adieu 040 12
04 United Kingdom

Flag of United Kingdom
Bardo One Step Further 076 07
05 Turkey

Flag of Turkey
Neço Hani 020 15
06 Finland

Flag of Finland
Kojo Nuku Pommiin 000 18
07 Switzerland

Flag of Switzerland
Arlette Zola Amour On T’aime 097 03
08 Cyprus

Flag of Cyprus
Anna Vishy Mono I Agapi 085 05
09 Sweden

Flag of Sweden
Chips Dag Efter Dag 067 08
10 Austria

Flag of Austria
Mess Sonntag 057 09
11 Belgium

Flag of Belgium
Stella Si Tu Aimes Ma Musique 096 04
12 Spain

Flag of Spain
Lucía Él 052 10
13 Denmark

Flag of Denmark
Brixx Video-video 005 17
14 Yugoslavia

Flag of Yugoslavia
Aska Halo Halo 021 14
15 Israel

Flag of Israel
Avi Toledano Hora 100 02
16 Netherlands

Flag of The Netherlands
Bill van Dijk Jij En Ik 008 16
17 Ireland

Flag of Ireland
The Duskeys Here Today, Gone Tomorrow 049 11
18 Germany

Flag of Germany
Nicole Ein Bißchen Frieden 161 01

Returning artists

Artist Country Previous year(s)
Stella Maessen  Belgium 1970 (for the Netherlands part of Hearts Of Soul), 1977 (part of Dream Express)
Anna Vissi  Cyprus 1980 (for Greece)
Anita Skorgan  Norway 1977,1979
Jahn Teigen  Norway 1978
Fatima Padinha (part of Doce)  Portugal 1978 (part of Gemini)
Teresa Miguel (part of Doce)  Portugal 1978 (part of Gemini)
Sally Ann Triplett (part of Bardo)  United Kingdom 1980 (part of Prima Donna)

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