eurovision 1985

all time rank: the position that the country and the song have between all the eurovision songs

chart from the game vote for the best eurovision song.

Eurovision Song Contest 1985
ESC 1985 logo.png
Final date 4 May 1985
Venue Scandinavium
Presenter(s) Lill Lindfors
Conductor Curt-Eric Holmguist
Director Steen Priwin
Host broadcaster Sweden SVT
Opening act Lill Lindfors singing “My Joy is Building Bricks of Music”
Interval act Guitars Unlimited with Swedish Evergreens
Number of entries 19
Debuting countries None
Returning countries
Withdrawing countries

participating countries

The Eurovision Song Contest 1985 was the 30th Eurovision Song Contest and was held on 4 May 1985 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The presenter was Lill Lindfors, and Norwegian duo Bobbysocks! was the winner of this Eurovision with the song “La det swinge”.
This year, the Netherlands chose to withdraw from the contest because it collided with the country’s national Rememberance Day. Yugoslavia also decided to stay home because of a national holiday. Israel and Greece returned to the contest so the number of participants was 19 again, just as in the previous year. The set in Gothenburg’s Scandinavium was very modern and bigger than any venue before.
During the voting, it was not immediately evident that Norway would win the Contest. Germany took a commanding lead in the first half, with Norway fifth place behind Germany, Sweden, Italy and the United Kingdom around the end of the first half of voting. Finally, with five juries left, Germany, Sweden and Norway were tightly wrapped around the pole positions with 87, 86, and 85 points respectively.At that point, Sweden briefly took the lead away from Germany (who received no points from Switzerland). Sweden was the fourth-to-last jury, conceding their brief lead by awarding Germany eight points and Norway the full twelve. With only three countries left to vote, Norway kept the lead, in one of the shortest winning stretches during voting in the Contest’s history.
Also is this year known to be the year in the History of the Eurovision Song Contest, where most of artists, 13 at all, made a comeback. The contest was hosted by former participant Lill Lindfors who shocked the audience with an act in which it seemed that her skirt was torn off. This was of course well-rehearsed, and remains one of the most-remembered highlighs in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. She also congratulated the Norwegian team by saying: “I’m so pleased you won. Norway so often loses.

# Representing country Performer(s) Song title, writer(s) and composer(s) Points Place
01 Ireland

Flag of Ireland
Maria Christian Wait Until The Weekend Comes 091 06
02 Finland

Flag of Finland
Sonja Lumme Eläköön Elämä 058 09
03 Cyprus

Flag of Cyprus
Lia Vishy To Katalava Arga 015 16
04 Denmark

Flag of Denmark
Hot Eyes Sku’ Du Spør Fra No’n 041 11
05 Spain

Flag of Spain
Paloma San Basilio La Fiesta Terminó 036 14
06 France

Flag of France
Roger Bens Femme Dans Ses Rêves Aussi 056 10
07 Turkey

Flag of Turkey
MFÖ Di Dai Di Dai Dai (a’sik Oldum) 036 14
08 Belgium

Flag of Belgium
Linda Lepomme Laat Me Nu Gaan 007 19
09 Portugal

Flag of Portugal
Adelaïde Penso Em Ti, Eu Sei 009 18
10 Germany

Flag of Germany
Wind Für Alle 105 02
11 Israel

Flag of Israel
Izhar Cohen Olé Olé 093 05
12 Italy

Flag of Italy
Al Bano and Romina Power Magic, Oh Magic 078 07
13 Norway

Flag of Norway
Bobbysocks La Det Swinge 123 01
14 United Kingdom

Flag of United Kingdom
Vikki Love Is… 100 04
15 Switzerland

Flag of Switzerland
Mariella Farré and Pino Gasparini Piano Piano 039 12
16 Sweden

Flag of Sweden
Kikki Danielsson Bra Vibrationer 103 03
17 Austria

Flag of Austria
Gary Lux Kinder Dieser Welt 060 08
18 Luxembourg

Flag of Luxembourg
Margo, Franck Olivier, Diane Solomon, Ireen Sheer, Malcolm Roberts and Chris Roberts Children, Kinder, Enfants 037 13
19 Greece

Flag of Greece
Takis Biniaris Miazoume 015 16

Returning artists

Artist Country Previous year(s)
Gary Lux  Austria 1983 (member of Westend)
Lia Vissi  Cyprus 1980 (member of Epikouri, for Greece)
Hot Eyes  Denmark 1984
Izhar Cohen  Israel 1978 (winner)
Al Bano & Romina Power  Italy 1976
Ireen Sheer  Luxembourg 1974,1978 (for Germany)
Hanne Krogh (part of Bobbysocks)  Norway 1971
Elisabeth Andreassen (part of Bobbysocks)  Norway 1982 (for Sweden, part of Chips)
Kikki Danielsson  Sweden 1982 (part of Chips)
Pino Gasparini  Switzerland 1977 (part of Pepe Lienhard Band)
Mariella Farre  Switzerland 1983

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