eurovision 1987

all time rank: the position that the country and the song have between all the eurovision songs

chart from the game vote for the best eurovision song.

Eurovision Song Contest 1987
ESC 1987 logo.png
Final date 9 May 1987
Venue  Palais Du Centenaire
Brussels, Belgium
Presenter(s) Viktor Lazlo
Conductor Jo Carlier
Director Jacques Bourton
Host broadcaster Belgium RTBF
Opening act Viktor Lazlo singing “Breathless”
Interval act Mark Grauwels
Number of entries 22
Debuting countries None
Returning countries
Withdrawing countries None

participation countries

Belgian superstar Viktor Laszlo was the host of the 32nd Eurovision Song Contest which was held on 9th May, 1987 in the capital Brussels.The presenter of the 3-hour-show was the successful Belgian artist Viktor Laszlo who opened the contest presenting her latest song Breathless. Johnny Logan was the winner for Ireland with the song “Hold Me Now”. That made him the first performer to win the contest twice, as he had won also in 1980.ohnny was the first singer to win the contest twice as a singer, but this would not be his last victory as he won the trophy again as a composer in 1992 when he wrote Why Me by Linda Martin which would win in Malmö.
The 1987 Eurovision was the biggest contest at that time, with 22 countries taking part. Only Malta, Monaco and Morocco failed to compete out of all the countries which had entered the contest in the past. Due to the number of countries, and the time it took for the contest to be held, the EBU set the limit of competing countries to 22. This became problematic over the next few years as new and returning nations indicated an interest in participating, but could not be accommodated.
Germany came second this year with the song Lass die Sonne in dein Herz by the group Wind. For the group, it was already the second silver ranking after being the runner up in 1985. The song still ranks as one of the best-known Eurovision hits in Denmark. Italy sent two internationally-known stars to Eurovision this year: Tozzi & Raf. Raf had written the worldwide hit Self Control three years earlier which was both a hit for him and for the cover-version by Laura Branigan. Although Eurovision statistics show that most male duos do not do well, Italy finished in third place in 1987.

# Representing country Performer(s) Song title, writer(s) and composer(s) Points Place
01 Norway

Flag of Norway
Kate Gulbrandsen Mitt Liv 065 09
Flag of Israel
Datner and Kushnir Shir Habatlanim 073 08
03 Austria

Flag of Austria
Gary Lux Nur Noch Gefühl 008 20
04 Iceland

Flag of Iceland
Halla Margarét Hægt Og Hljótt 028 16
05 Belgium

Flag of Belgium
Liliane Saint-Pierre Soldiers Of Love 056 11
06 Sweden

Flag of Sweden
Lotta Engberg Boogaloo 050 12
07 Italy

Flag of Italy
Umberto Tozzi and Raf Gente Di Mare 103 03
08 Portugal

Flag of Portugal
Nevada Neste Barco à Vela 015 18
09 Spain

Flag of Spain
Patricia Kraus No Estás Solo 010 19
10 Turkey

Flag of Turkey
Seyyal Tanner and Lokomotif Sarkim Sevgi üstüne 000 22
11 Greece

Flag of Greece
Bang Stop! 064 10
12 Netherlands

Flag of The Netherlands
Marcha Rechtop In De Wind 083 05
13 Luxembourg

Flag of Luxembourg
Plastic Bertrand Amour Amour 004 21
14 United Kingdom

Flag of United Kingdom
Rikki Only The Light 047 13
15 France

Flag of France
Christine Minier Les Mots D’amour N’ont Pas De Dimanche 044 14
16 Germany

Flag of Germany
Wind Laß Die Sonne In Dein Herz 141 02
17 Cyprus

Flag of Cyprus
Alexia Aspro Mavro 080 07
18 Finland

Flag of Finland
Vicky Rosti Sata Salamaa 032 15
19 Denmark

Flag of Denmark
Anne-Catherine Herdorf and Bandjo En Lille Melodi 083 05
20 Ireland

Flag of Ireland
Johnny Logan Hold Me Now 172 01
21 Yugoslavia

Flag of Yugoslavia
Novi Fosili Ja Sam Za Ples 092 04
22 Switzerland

Flag of Switzerland
Carole Rich Moitié Moitié 026 17

Returning artists

Artist Country Previous year(s)
Gary Lux  Austria 1983 (member of Westend), 1985
Alexia  Cyprus 1981 (member of Island)
Wind  Germany 1985
Johnny Logan  Ireland 1980 (winner)

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