eurovision 1988

all time rank: the position that the country and the song have between all the eurovision songs

chart from the game vote for the best eurovision song.

Eurovision Song Contest 1988
ESC 1988 logo.png
Final date 30 April 1988
Venue RDS Simmonscourt Pavilion
Presenter(s) Pat Kenny
Michelle Rocca
Conductor Noel Kelehan
Director Declan Lowney
Host broadcaster Republic of Ireland RTE
Opening act Johnny Logan performing “Hold me Now”
Interval act Hothouse Flowers performing “Don’t Go”
Number of entries 21
Debuting countries None
Returning countries None
Withdrawing countries  Cyprus

participating countries

The 1988 Eurovision Song Contest saw the arrival of two singers which soon would be known all around the world: Céline Dion and Lara Fabian.The Eurovision Song Contest 1988 was the 33rd Eurovision Song Contest and was held on 30 April 1988 in Dublin. The presenters were Pat Kenny and Michelle Rocca. Future international superstar, the French-Canadian Celine Dion, then only famous in the French-speaking world, was the winner of this Eurovision with the song, “Ne partez pas sans moi”, composed by Swiss-Turkish composer Atilla Şereftuğ with lyrics by Nella Martinetti. This was the second victory, and as of 2012, the last for Switzerland. The first one was in 1956: “Refrain”, performed by Lys Assia. It was also the last time a song in French won the Contest, the language having dominated the event in earlier years.Switzerland’s entry Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi performed by Céline Dion beat the runner-up, the United Kingdom’s Scott Fitzgerald by just a single point. Before the last vote, the UK entry was leading with 136 points to Switzerland’s 131 but then Yugoslavia, the last country to vote, gave six points to Switzerland while ignoring the British song Go completely.
In 1988, 21 countries participated in the Eurovision Song Contest.Cyprus was drawn second to compete in Dublin and had selected the song ‘Thimame’ sung by Yiannis Dimitrou as their entry. However, at a late stage CyBC decided that the song was ineligible to represent them as it had been entered into the 1984 Cypriot selection, where it had finished in 3rd place. The venue of the 1988 contest was the same as in 1981, but this time, RTÉ managed to create a very special stage that created the illusion of a spage age-style grid which suggested that it was a huge arena with lots of lighting and special effects. Even nowadays, this set is still praised by experts.

# Representing country Performer(s) Song title, writer(s) and composer(s) Points Place
01 Iceland

Flag of Iceland
Beathoven Sókrates 020 16
02 Sweden

Flag of Sweden
Tommy Körberg Stad I Ljus 052 12
03 Finland

Flag of Finland
Boulevard Nauravat Silmät Muistetaan 003 20
04 United Kingdom

Flag of United Kingdom
Scott Fitzgerald Go 136 02
05 Turkey

Flag of Turkey
MFÖ Sufi (hey Ya Hey) 037 15
06 Spain

Flag of Spain
La Década La Chica Que Yo Quiero (made In Spain) 058 11
07 Netherlands

Flag of The Netherlands
Gerard Joling Shangri-la 070 09
08 Israel

Flag of Israel
Yardena Arazi Ben Adam 085 07
09 Switzerland

Flag of Switzerland
Céline Dion Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi 137 01
10 Ireland

Flag of Ireland
Jump the Gun Take Him Home 079 08
11 Germany

Flag of Germany
Maxi and Chris Garden Lied Für Einen Freund 048 14
12 Austria

Flag of Austria
Wilfried Lisa Mona Lisa 000 21
13 Denmark

Flag of Denmark
Hot Eyes Ka’ Du Se Hva’ Jeg Sa’ 092 03
14 Greece

Flag of Greece
Aphroditi Fryda Kloun 010 17
15 Norway

Flag of Norway
Karoline Krüger For Vår Jord 088 05
16 Belgium

Flag of Belgium
Reynaert Laissez Briller Le Soleil 005 18
17 Luxembourg

Flag of Luxembourg
Lara Fabian Croire 090 04
18 Italy

Flag of Italy
Luca Barbarossa Ti Scrivo 052 12
19 France

Flag of France
Gérard Lenorman Chanteur De Charme 064 10
20 Portugal

Flag of Portugal
Dora Voltarei 005 18
21 Yugoslavia

Flag of Yugoslavia
Srebrna Krila Mangup 087 06

Returning artists

Artist Country Previous year(s)
Kirsten & Soren  Denmark 1984 & 1985 (as Hot Eyes)
Boulevard  Finland 1987
Yardena Arazii  Israel 1976 (part of Chocolat,Menta,Mastik)
Dora  Portugal 1986
Tommy Korberg  Sweden 1969
MFO  Turkey 1985

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