eurovision 1995

all time rank: the position that the country and the song have between all the eurovision songs

chart from the game vote for the best eurovision song.

Eurovision Song Contest 1995
Final date 13 May 1995
Venue Point Theatre
Presenter(s) Mary Kennedy
Conductor Noel Kelehan
Director John Comiskev
Host broadcaster Republic of Ireland RTE
Opening act Video montage commemorating the history of theEurovision Song Contest for its 40th edition.
Interval act Lumen
Number of entries 23
Debuting countries None
Returning countries     
Withdrawing countries       

participating countries


For a record third year in a row, Ireland hosted the 40th Eurovision Song Contest which was held again in the Point Theatre in Dublin,and was held on 13 May 1995. it was the first time ever that the Eurovision Song Contest took place in the same city for two years in a row. In 1994, the European Broadcasting Union decreased the number of participants to 23 to make sure that the song contest would not last longer than three hours. All of the five relegated countries from the preceding year – Turkey, Slovenia, Israel, Denmark and Belgium – returned to the contest. In contrast, the bottom seven countries of the1994 Eurovision Song Contest were relegated: Lithuania, Estonia, the Netherlands, Finland, Romania, Slovakia and Switzerland.
The presenter was Mary Kennedy. To date, this year’s competition was also the last one with only one host. Bookmakers thought that the Swedish entrant Jan Johansen’s song Se På Mig was favourite to win the entire contest, but instead neighbouring country Norway took first place with the song Nocturne performed by the group Secret Garden. Other countries in contention for the win were Denmark, Israel, Spain, and the eventual winner, Norway.The lyrics of the winning song only consisted of 24 words and despite the fact that Ireland did not win for the fourth time in a row, the Norwegian group’s violinist was in fact Irish. Ireland itself and it’s entry Dreamin’ by Eddie Friel ended up at a disappointing 14th place.After the voting was completed, Norway was the winner with 148 points, followed by Spain’s “Vuelve Conmigo” with 119 points, and Sweden gaining 100 points.
The stage was designed by Alan Farquharson who also designed the Millstreet 93 set. Although it was quite dark and often gloomy in appearance, it did form the basis for a spectacular opening whereby a giant screen rotated to reveal the presenter who descended a stairway which ultimately disappeared to allow for the arrow shaped stage to come together amid fireworks. The interval act consisted of several well known Irish performers including Clannad, Brian Kennedy (who would go on to actually represent Ireland 11 years later), and was composed by leading musician Michael O’Suilleabhan.

# Representing country Performer(s) Song title, writer(s) and composer(s) Points Place
01 Poland

Flag of Poland
Justyna Sama 015 18
02 Ireland

Flag of Ireland
Eddie Friel Dreamin’ 044 14
03 Germany

Flag of Germany
Stone and Stone Verliebt In Dich 001 23
04 Bosnia & Herzegovina

Flag of Bosnia & Herzegovina
Davor Popovic Dvadeset I Prvi Vijek 014 19
05 Norway

Flag of Norway
Secret Garden Nocturne 148 01
06 Russia

Flag of Russia
Philipp Kirkorov Kolybelnaya Dlya Vulkana 017 17
07 Iceland

Flag of Iceland
Bó Halldórsson Núna 031 15
08 Austria

Flag of Austria
Stella Jones Die Welt Dreht Sich Verkehrt 067 13
09 Spain

Flag of Spain
Anabel Conde Vuelve Conmigo 119 02
10 Turkey

Flag of Turkey
Arzu Ece Sev! 021 16
11 Croatia

Flag of Croatia
Magazin and Lidija Nostalgija 091 06
12 France

Flag of France
Nathalie Santamaria Il Me Donne Rendez-vous 094 04
13 Hungary

Flag of Hungary
Czaba Szigeti Ùj Nèv Egy Règi Hàz Fàlan 003 22
14 Belgium

Flag of Belgium
Frédéric Etherlinck La Voix Est Libre 008 20
15 United Kingdom

Flag of United Kingdom
Love City Groove Love City Groove 076 10
16 Portugal

Flag of Portugal
Tó Cruz Baunilha E Chocolate 005 21
17 Cyprus

Flag of Cyprus
Alexandros Panayi Sti Fotia 079 09
18 Sweden

Flag of Sweden
Jan Johansen Se På Mej 100 03
19 Denmark

Flag of Denmark
Aud Wilken Fra Mols Til Skagen 092 05
20 Slovenia

Flag of Slovenia
Darja Svajger Prisluhni Mi 084 07
21 Israel

Flag of Israel
Liora Amen 081 08
22 Malta

Flag of Malta
Mike Spiteri Keep Me In Mind 076 10
23 Greece

Flag of Greece
Elina Constantopoulou Pia Prossefchi 068 12

Returning artists

Artist Country Previous Year(s)
Arzu Ece  Turkey 1989 (part of Pan)

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