eurovision 1998

all time rank: the position that the country and the song have between all the eurovision songs

chart from the game vote for the best eurovision song.

Eurovision Song Contest 1998
ESC 1998 logo.png
Final date 9 May 1998
Venue National Indoor Arena
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Presenter(s) Ulrika Jonsson
Terry Wogan
Conductor Martin Koch
Director Geoff Posner
Host broadcaster United Kingdom BBC
Interval act Jupiter, The Bringer of Joviality
Number of entries 25
Debuting countries
Returning countries     
Withdrawing countries      

participating countries


The 1998 Eurovision Song Contest from Birmingham resulted in a thrilling voting with the most controversial winner in the history of the contest: Dana International from Israel.was held on 9 May 1998 at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham, England. he presenters were Terry Wogan and Ulrika Jonsson. Despite being one of the presenters, Terry Wogan still managed to provide his trademark comedy commentary to the contest for the BBC.
Dana International from Israel narrowly won this year’s Eurovision, with the song “Diva”, written by Svika Pick and Yoav Ginai. The singer had attracted much media attention both in Israel and Europe since she had undergone gender reassignment in 1993, being the first openly transgender performer to enter the competition.
In 1998, for the 43rd edition of the Eurovision Contest, 25 countries participated in the event. All countries that were relegated in the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest came back plus FYR Macedonia entered the contest for the first time. Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Denmark, Russia and Iceland were relegated in 1998 as their 5-year-average points were worse than those of all the other countries. Italian broadcaster RAI decided to withdraw permanently. Mass televoting took part for the first time and only countries which did not have a properly functioning telephone system were still allowed to vote through the national juries. There was a problem with the Spanish televote as Spanish televoters had awarded 12 points to Germany, but while announcing the points, the 12 points went to Israel! However, the mistake was quickly unearthed after the show and you have the correct rankings and points on our scoreboard here.
After the points from most of the countries were announced, it was clear that Israel, Malta, and the United Kingdom would be fighting for the top spot. Israel and Malta were apparently tied with 166 points after the penultimate vote (in fact, Spain’s vote had been wrongly tallied and the real scores were Malta 165, Israel 164). Everything came down to the vote of Fyrom, who rewarded Israel with 8 points, United Kingdom 10, and in a twist awarded 12 points to Croatia not Malta, leaving Chiara to fall from first place to third. On the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the state of Israel, Dana International brought the nation their third Song Contest victory. Also, Edsilia Rombley, who placed fourth with 150 points, ensured the best result for the Netherlands since their win in 1975.
For the second year in a row, at least one country went home empty-handed; Switzerland’s Gunvor Guggisberg with her composition “Lass Ihn” failed to score a single point.Other notable participants were Germany’s Guildo Horn, whose shocking comedic act culminated in his climbing the scaffolding on the side of the stage. Controversially chosen to represent Germany, he was criticised for his lack of seriousness by the German press. However, after winning by 60% of the vote, the German people were firmly on Horn’s side. Greece earned only 12 points, all of which came from Cyprus.
Russia and Italy did not broadcast the event due to withdrawals. In 1998 the Russian broadcaster Channel One prepared to run internal preselections, but soon organisers realised that because of low average results in previous years Russia would not qualify to compete in 1998
Spain originally gave its 12 points to Israel and 10 to Norway. After the broadcast it was announced that Spanish broadcaster wrongly tallied the votes and Germany should have got the top mark – 12 points – instead of being snubbed, as it happened. The mistake was corrected and so Germany was placed 7th over Norway. Israel and Norway both received 2 points less than originally and Croatia, Malta, Portugal, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia and Turkey all received one point less than indicated during the broadcast.It is also noteworthy that Israel only received points from 21 of the 24 other countries, whereas the United Kingdom received at least one point from every country, but finished second. Furthermore, whilst Israel received three sets of 12 points compared to Malta and the United Kingdom who both received four sets of 12 points, Israel received a seven sets of 10 points to help seal the win.

# Representing country Performer(s) Song title, writer(s) and composer(s) Points Place
01 Croatia

Flag of Croatia
Danijela Neka Mi Ne Svane 131 05
02 Greece

Flag of Greece
Dionysia and Thalassa group Mia Krifi Evaisthissia 012 20
03 France

Flag of France
Marie-Line Où Aller 003 24
04 Spain

Flag of Spain
Mikel Herzog ¿Qué Voy A Hacer Sin Ti? 021 16
05 Switzerland

Flag of Switzerland
Gunvor Lass Ihn 000 25
06 Slovakia

Flag of Slovakia
Katarína Hasprová Modlitba 008 21
07 Poland

Flag of Poland
Sixteen To Takie Proste 019 17
08 Israel

Flag of Israel
Dana International Diva 172 01
09 Germany

Flag of Germany
Guildo Horn Guildo Hat Euch Lieb 086 07
10 Malta

Flag of Malta
Chiara The One That I Love 165 03
11 Hungary

Flag of Hungary
Charlie A Holnap Már Ném Lesz Szomorú 004 23
12 Slovenia

Flag of Slovenia
Vili Resnik Naj Bogovi Slišijo 017 18
13 Ireland

Flag of Ireland
Dawn Is Always Over Now? 064 09
14 Portugal

Flag of Portugal
Alma Lusa Se Eu Te Pudesse Abraçar 036 12
15 Romania

Flag of Romania
Malina Olinescu Eu Cred 006 22
16 United Kingdom

Flag of United Kingdom
Imaani Where Are You? 166 02
17 Cyprus

Flag of Cyprus
Michael Hajiyanni Genesis 037 11
18 Netherlands

Flag of The Netherlands
Edsilia Rombley Hemel En Aarde 150 04
19 Sweden

Flag of Sweden
Jill Johnson Kärleken är 053 10
20 Belgium

Flag of Belgium
Mélanie Cohl Dis Oui 122 06
21 Finland

Flag of Finland
Edea Aava 022 15
22 Norway

Flag of Norway
Lars A. Fredriksen Alltid Sommer 079 08
23 Estonia

Flag of Estonia
Koit Toome Mere Lapsed 036 12
24 Turkey

Flag of Turkey
Tüzmen Unutamazsin 025 14
25 Fyrom

Flag of F.Y.R. Macedonia
Vlado Janevski Ne Zori, Zoro 016 19

Returning artists

Artist Country Previous Year(s)
Danijela  Croatia 1995 (part of Magazin)
Jose Cid (part of Alma Lusa)  Portugal 1980

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