eurovision 2013

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Eurovision Song Contest 2013
“We Are One”
Eurovision Song Contest 2013 logo.png
Semi-final 1 date 14 May 2013
Semi-final 2 date 16 May 2013
Final date 18 May 2013
Venue Malmö Arena
Malmö, Sweden[1]
Presenter(s) Petra Mede[2]
Executive supervisor Jon Ola Sand
Host broadcaster Sveriges Television (SVT)
Opening act Semi-final 1: Sign language interpretation of Euphoria by children together with Loreen.Final: “We Write the Story” (composed by Björn Ulvaeus,Benny Andersson & Avicii)
Interval act Semi-final 1: Kleerup Semi-final 2: “Dance Orchestra” (choreographed by Jennie Widegren and Fredrik Rydman)
Number of entries 39
Debuting countries None
Returning countries  Armenia
Withdrawing countries



The Eurovision Song Contest 2013 was the 58th annual Eurovision Song Contest. The contest took place in Malmö, Sweden, following Loreen’s win in the 2012 contest with the song “Euphoria”. It was the fifth time that Sweden had hosted the contest, the last time being in 2000. Sveriges Television (SVT) chose Malmö Arena as the venue following the consideration of several venues in Sweden. The host for the contest was Petra Mede. Thirty-nine countries participated, including Armenia, which was last represented in 2011.Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Slovakia and Turkey announced their withdrawal from the 2013 Contest.
The winner for 2013 was Denmark with the song “Only Teardrops” sung by Emmelie de Forest, which scored 281 points, beating Azerbaijan with a margin of 47 points. This makes it the second time that Denmark won on Swedish soil. Ukraine finished in third place and Norway in fourth, while Russia finished in fifth place. Out of the countries with the ‘Big 5’ status, only Italy managed to finish in the top ten, coming seventh. The Netherlands finished ninth in their first participation in a final since 2004. A reported 170 million people watched the semifinals and final of the 2013 edition.For the first time since 1985, no country of the former Yugoslav federation participated in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest.
This year was the first time Eurovision displayed the “Parade of Nations”, an idea introduced by Sweden to become a new Eurovision tradition. The concept sees all countries performing in the Grand Final present themselves with their national flags before the contest begins. This year, the contestants entered the main stage by walking across a bridge over the audience. The idea was continued the following year by Denmark, the hosts of Eurovision 2014.

Final – Results

Draw Country Language Artist Song Place Points
01  France French Amandine Bourgeois “L’enfer et moi” 23 14
02  Lithuania English Andrius Pojavis “Something” 22 17
03  Moldova Romanian Aliona Moon “O mie” 11 71
04  Finland English Krista Siegfrids “Marry Me” 24 13
05  Spain Spanish ESDM “Contigo hasta el final” 25 8
06  Belgium English Roberto Bellarosa “Love Kills” 12 71
07  Estonia Estonian Birgit “Et uus saaks alguse” 20 19
08  Belarus English Alyona Lanskaya “Solayoh” 16 48
09  Malta English Gianluca “Tomorrow” 8 120
10  Russia English Dina Garipova “What If” 5 174
11  Germany English Cascada “Glorious” 21 18
12  Armenia English Dorians “Lonely Planet” 18 41
13  Netherlands English Anouk “Birds” 9 114
14  Romania English Cezar “It’s My Life” 13 65
15  United Kingdom English Bonnie Tyler “Believe in Me” 19 23
16  Sweden English Robin Stjernberg “You” 14 62
17  Hungary Hungarian ByeAlex “Kedvesem” (Zoohacker Remix) 10 84
18  Denmark English Emmelie de Forest “Only Teardrops” 1 281
19  Iceland Icelandic Eythor Ingi “Ég á líf” 17 47
20  Azerbaijan English Farid Mammadov “Hold Me” 2 234
21  Greece Greek1 Koza Mostra feat. Agathon Iakovidis “Alcohol Is Free” 6 152
22  Ukraine English Zlata Ognevich “Gravity” 3 214
23  Italy Italian Marco Mengoni “L’essenziale” 7 126
24  Norway English Margaret Berger “I Feed You My Love” 4 191
25  Georgia English Nodi Tatishvili and Sophie Gelovani “Waterfall” 15 50
26  Ireland English Ryan Dolan “Only Love Survives” 26 5

the semi final 1-results

Draw Country Language Artist Song Place Points
01  Austria English Natália Kelly “Shine” 14 27
02  Estonia Estonian Birgit “Et uus saaks alguse” 10 52
03  Slovenia English Hannah “Straight into Love” 16 8
04  Croatia Croatian Klapa s Mora “Mižerja” 13 38
05  Denmark English Emmelie de Forest “Only Teardrops” 1 167
06  Russia English Dina Garipova “What If” 2 156
07  Ukraine English Zlata Ognevich “Gravity” 3 140
08  Netherlands English Anouk “Birds” 6 75
09  Montenegro Montenegrin Who See “Igranka” (Игранка) 12 41
10  Lithuania English Andrius Pojavis “Something” 9 53
11  Belarus English Alyona Lanskaya “Solayoh” 7 64
12  Moldova Romanian Aliona Moon “O mie” 4 95
13  Ireland English Ryan Dolan “Only Love Survives” 8 54
14  Cyprus Greek Despina Olympiou “An me thimase” (Aν με θυμάσαι) 15 11
15  Belgium English Roberto Bellarosa “Love Kills” 5 75
16  Serbia Serbian Moje 3 “Ljubav je svuda” (Љубав је свуда) 11 46

the semi final 2-results

Draw Country Language Artist Song Place Points
01  Latvia English PeR “Here We Go” 17 13
02  San Marino Italian Valentina Monetta “Crisalide (Vola)” 11 47
03  Macedonia Macedonian,Romani Esma and Lozano “Pred da se razdeni” (Пред да се раздени) 16 28
04  Azerbaijan English Farid Mammadov “Hold Me” 1 139
05  Finland English Krista Siegfrids “Marry Me” 9 64
06  Malta English Gianluca “Tomorrow” 4 118
07  Bulgaria Bulgarian Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankulov “Samo shampioni” (Само шампиони) 12 45
08  Iceland Icelandic Eythor Ingi “Ég á líf” 6 72
09  Greece Greek1 Koza Mostra feat. Agathon Iakovidis “Alcohol Is Free” 2 121
10  Israel Hebrew Moran Mazor “Rak bishvilo” (רק בשבילו) 14 40
11  Armenia English Dorians “Lonely Planet” 7 69
12  Hungary Hungarian ByeAlex “Kedvesem” (Zoohacker Remix) 8 66
13  Norway English Margaret Berger “I Feed You My Love” 3 120
14  Albania Albanian Adrian Lulgjuraj and Bledar Sejko “Identitet” 15 31
15  Georgia English Nodi Tatishvili and Sophie Gelovani “Waterfall” 10 63
16   Switzerland English Takasa2 “You and Me” 13 41
17  Romania English Cezar “It’s My Life” 5 83

Returning artists

Valentina Monetta represented San Marino for the second year in a row. Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankoulov returned as a duo, having previously represented Bulgaria in 2007. Nevena Božović represented Serbia as part of Moje 3 and became the first contestant to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest after competing in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, where she came third in 2007.Bledar Sejko, who represented Albania, was the on-stage guitarist for the Albanian entry in 2011. Gor Sujyan, who represented Armenia, was a backing vocalist for the Armenian entry in 2010. Aliona Moon, who represented Moldova, was a backing vocalist for the Moldovan entry in 2012. In addition, Pasha Parfeny, the Moldovan representative of 2012, was the composer of the Moldovan entry. Estonianbacking vocalists Lauri Pihlap and Kaido Põldma were part of the group 2XL, which won the contest in 2001 together with Dave Benton andTanel Padar.


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