points (average)

In this table we can see the average (points /participation), from 1956 till 2016 (only finals).One country must have at least 3 participations to the final to be in this list.
well,to this table we can see that in top 5 there are five countries from the block new eurovision countries.these countries are ukraine,russia,azerbaijan,serbia and armenia.
From the old eurovision countries block the best five countries are sweden,italy,ireland,greece and united kingdom.
To the bottom 5 ,we can find 3 new and 2 old countries.slovakia,slovenia,portugal,finland and fyrom.

now ,let’s see the same table (decada 70′).In this decada, the power countries are france and united kingdom. Also in the third position we can find israel, a new country to the esc, and fourth and fifth place ireland and switzerland.
Bottom three, turkey , yugoslavia and norway.

Decada 80′.do we have changes?A new esc power?
The queen of this decada is ireland and to the second position we had a surprise, germany.To the third position united kingdom (one another decada to top 5), and fourth place sweden (like ireland a new power).To the fifth position again is switzerland.Also the surprise of this decada was the 11th place of france (after top 1 to the 70 decada)
To the botton,iceland so new to the eurovision song contest, turkey again and portugal.

1990 till 1999?Of course the power was ireland with 4 winning songs in this decada. Very good decada also and for the united kingdom. Also in top 5, italy, israel and a new very successful country,malta. To the bottom lithuania,romania and finland (with so many bad results until now).

Millenium and new countries and new top 5 countries. Serbia, serbia and montenegro, azerbaijan and ukraine there are in top 4. Very close to them, an old eurovision country with so good results to this decada, greece.
To the bottom of this table, we can see a surprise and the surprise is netherlands to 39 position. Also poland and slovenia to the bottom of this list.

And the last decada, until now a new power from another conτinent, australia. Top five with sweden,russia, ukraine and turkey (with only 2 participation). To the bottom the biggest surprise everrrrr UNITED KINGDOM, with belarus and cyprus.


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