In this table, we can see how many points have each country.Sweden with 4035 pts is in first position,and next united kingdom 3283 pts, russia 2956 pts, ireland 2943 pts and france 2854.To the bottom, andorra never reached to the final, morocco 7 pts, san marino 14 pts czech republic and slovakia with 41 and 42 pts.

decada 70.In this decada we can see in the first five position, france ,united kingdom, ireland,israel and switzerland and to the bottom 3,turkey, yugoslavia and malta.

Germany with  951 pts is the leader the decada 80, with united kingdom in the second position.Ireland,sweden and again switzerland to top 5.Last positions for morocco,iceland and turkey.Also a bad decada for the greece with only 226 pts to the 20th position.

In this decada, ireland is the queen of the eurovision, with 1192 pts.A good decada and for the united kingdom with 1084 pts.New country malta is in third position with 802 pts,and to the top 5 we can see france and sweden.To the bottom,lithuania,fyrom and romania (3 new coming countries).

After 2000, russia and greece are in the top of the list, also turkey ,ukraine and norway to top 5.Netherlands,poland and belarus to the bottom of this list (also czech republic,andorra,monaco,montenegro and san marino did’t manage to be in the final).

This decada, until now, russia has 1483 pts, sweden 1463 pts, ukraine 1193 pts, azerbaijan 949 pts and italy 865 pts. Also very good score is for australia with only 2 participations and 707 pts.To the bottom, san marino, czech republic and portugal.