group 42 close (round 1)

vote for the best eurovision song II the game is for the period round 1,there will be 50 groups and the first 11 songs from each group will qualify to round 2.the voters must vote -eurovision style (12,10 8 and etc and also u can vote songs from your countries). the voting from each group will close when we will have at least 50 voters to each groups.For a fair game, u must listen all the songs before voting (not to vote only the songs that u know and of course u must know all the eurovision songs). i can’t count votes without name,country and e-mail so dont forget to fill it the form. the group opens on 14 january 2014

be careful : don’t forget to write your name, country and e-mail.
i can’t count votes without these. also if u are a new eurovision fan and u don’t know all the eurovision songs. u must listen the songs to each group before voting. To be the game fair for all the songs and second to know all the eurovision songs.

thanks for your participation and for your help to the game.

group 42

Croatia 2008 Kraljevi Ulice & 75 Cent Romanca
Denmark 2012 Soluna Samay Should’ve known better
Cyprus 2007 Evridiki comme ci,comme ca
Czech Republic 2007 Kabat mala dama
Denmark 2001 Rollo & King Never Ever Let You Go
France 2001 Natalie St-Pier Je N’Ai Que Mon Ame
Germany 1968 Wencke Myhre Ein Hoch Der Liebe
Germany 1985 Wind Für Alle
Bosnia & Herzegovina 2002 Maja Tatic Na Jastuku Za Dvoje
Estonia 2002 Sahlene Runaway
Germany 2004 Max Can’t Wait Until Tonight
Luxembourg 1977 Anne-Marie B. Frère Jacques
Switzeland 1965 Yovanna Non A Jamais Sans Toi
Portugal 1991 Dulce Lusitana Paixão
Greece 1987 Bang Stop
Norway 1967 Kirsti Sparboe Dukkemann
Belgium 1963 Jacques Raymond Waarom?
Netherlands 1989 Justine Palmelay Blijf Zoals Je bent
Fyrom 2009 Next Time Nesto Sto Ke Ostane
Denmark 1966 Ulla Pia Stop, Megens Legen Er Go
Netherlands 1959 Teddy Scholten Een Beetje
Germany 1995 Stone & Stone Verliebt In Dich
France 1975 Nicole Rieu Et Bonjour A Toi L’Artiste
Switzeland 1987 Carol Rich Moitié, Moitié
Slovenia 2011 Maja Keuc Vanilija
Turkey 1995 Arzu Ece Sev

2 thoughts on “group 42 close (round 1)

    1. about of the question (graham)
      i see that i have two voters with this name but i can’t understand who is it,because the one take part in the game only with the name graham uk, i ask the voters to write and your email to understand which person is.
      so graham in group 42 there is no voting from this name, person.i ask the voters not forget to write your country name and email.otherwise i can;t imagine if u have voted or u have forgotten to write this info
      in group 43 there is voting from graham uk and there is no pts for israel.maybe this voting is not yopurs and again u have forgotten to write your name country and email
      also the same in group 44. i think that u have voted without these info and of course u understand that i can’t count voting without ….

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