group 43 close (round 1)

vote for the best eurovision song II the game is for the period round 1,there will be 50 groups and the first 11 songs from each group will qualify to round 2.the voters must vote -eurovision style (12,10 8 and etc and also u can vote songs from your countries). the voting from each group will close when we will have at least 50 voters to each groups.For a fair game, u must listen all the songs before voting (not to vote only the songs that u know and of course u must know all the eurovision songs). i can’t count votes without name,country and e-mail so dont forget to fill it the form. the group opens on 22 january 2014

be careful : don’t forget to write your name, country and e-mail.
i can’t count votes without these. also if u are a new eurovision fan and u don’t know all the eurovision songs. u must listen the songs to each group before voting. To be the game fair for all the songs and second to know all the eurovision songs.

thanks for your participation and for your help to the game.

group 43

Cyprus 2012 Ivi Adamou La la love
Belgium 1976 Pierre Rapsat Judy Et Cie
Belarus 2014 TEO Cheesecake
Finland 1976 Fredi & Friends Pump-Pump
France 1997 Fanny Sentiments Songes
Germany 1999 Sürpriz Reise Nach Jerusalem
Monaco 1979 Laurent Vaguener Notre Vie, C’Est La Musique
Albania 2008 Olta Boka Zemrën E Lamë Peng
Hungary 2007 Magdi Rúzsa Unsubstantial Blues
Portugal 1990 Nucha Ha Sempre Alguem
Spain 1986 Cadillac Valentino
Latvia 2007 Questa Notte
Belgium 1967 Louis Neefs Ik Heb Zorgen
Montenegro 2007 Stevan Faddy Ajde kroci
Albania 2014 Hersi Matmuja Zemërimi i një nate
Iceland 2008 Eurobandid This Is My Life
Monaco 1967 Minouche Barelli Boum Badaboum
Germany 1987 Wind Lass Die Sonne In Dein Herz
Germany 1971 Katja Ebstein Diese Welt
Iceland 1992 Heart 2 Heart Nei Eda Ja
Estonia 1994 Silvi Vrait Nagu Merelaine
Austria 1966 Udo Jürgens Merci Chérie
Israel 2005 Shiri Maymon Hasheket Shenish’ar
Austria 2005 Global.Kryner Y Asi
Ireland 1995 Eddie Friel Dreamin’
Estonia 2003 Ruffus Eighties Coming Back
Belgium 1996 Lisa Del Bo Liefde Is Een Kaartspel
Belgium 1962 Fud Leclerc Ton Nom

9 thoughts on “group 43 close (round 1)

  1. The videos for Belarus 2014, Germany 1985, Montenegro 2007, and Albania are missing from your list. It says that they have been removed for copyright reasons. I cannot hear these songs unless I hear them from my CD collection which is of course different to the live performance.

  2. when u will find a video that doesnt work,first u must write the video to correct it and second u can go to youtube and to listen the u can vote.i am one person and very difficult for me to make the site,to contact with the voters to work with the voting and etc.i hope to understand it

      1. graham uk is another person graham rirdge.u have taken part to the game without name country and info email so i can’t understand if u have taken part or no
        i have told it that u must be very careful and dont forget your name.

    1. about of the question (graham)
      i see that i have two voters with this name but i can’t understand who is it,because the one take part in the game only with the name graham uk, i ask the voters to write and your email to understand which person is.
      so graham in group 42 there is no voting from this name, person.i ask the voters not forget to write your country name and email.otherwise i can;t imagine if u have voted or u have forgotten to write this info
      in group 43 there is voting from graham uk and there is no pts for israel.maybe this voting is not yopurs and again u have forgotten to write your name country and email
      also the same in group 44. i think that u have voted without these info and of course u understand that i can’t count voting without ….

  3. Euroband should have won in 2008, the Shiri Maymon song is gorgeous, and I almost died when I found the Wind 7 inch in a record shop 2 years ago for 50p

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