group 45 close (round 1)

vote for the best eurovision song II the game is for the period round 1,there will be 50 groups and the first 11 songs from each group will qualify to round 2.the voters must vote -eurovision style (12,10 8 and etc and also u can vote songs from your countries). the voting from each group will close when we will have at least 50 voters to each groups.For a fair game, u must listen all the songs before voting (not to vote only the songs that u know and of course u must know all the eurovision songs). i can’t count votes without name,country and e-mail so dont forget to fill it the form. the group opens on 3 march 2014

be careful : don’t forget to write your name, country and e-mail.
i can’t count votes without these. also if u are a new eurovision fan and u don’t know all the eurovision songs. u must listen the songs to each group before voting. To be the game fair for all the songs and second to know all the eurovision songs.

thanks for your participation and for your help to the game.

group 45

Fyrom 2014 Tijana Dapčević to the sky
Italy 1966 Domenico Modugno Dio Come Ti Amo
France 2014 Twin Twin Moustache
Luxembourg 1986 Sherisse Laurence L’Amour De Ma Vie
Finland 2008 Teraesbetoni Missae Miehet Ratsastaa
Sweden 1988 Tommy Körberg Stad I Ljus
Lithuania 1994 Ovidijus Vysniauskas Lopisine Mylimaj
Malta 1994 Chris & Moira More Than Love
Switzeland 1986 Daniela Simons Pas Pour Moi
Belarus 2006 Polina Smolova Ma
Finland 1989 Anneli Saaristo La Dolce Vita
Netherlands 1968 Ronnie Tober Morgen
Lithuania 2004 Linas & Simona What Happened To Your Love
Germany 2011 Lena Meyer-Landrut Taken by a stranger
San Marino 2011 Senit Stand by
Croatia 1994 Toni Cetinski Nek ‘Ti Bude Ljubav Sva
Iceland 2010 Hera Björk Je ne sais quoi
Switzeland 1985 Mariella Farré & Pino Gasperini Piano Piano
Russia 2007 Serebro Song Number One
Switzeland 2004 Piero Esteriore & Musicstars Celebrate
Ireland 2005 Donna & Joseph McCaul Love?
Netherlands 2010 Sieneke I’m in love (Sha-la-lee)
Netherlands 1964 Anneke Grönloh Jij Bent Mijn Leven
Spain 1964 Nelly, Tim & Tony Caracola
Bulgaria 2012 Sofi Marinova Love unlimited
Russia 2009 Anastasiya Prikhodko Mamo
Bulgaria 2008 Deep Zone & Balthazar DJ, Take Me Away
Germany 1996 Leon Planet of blue

5 thoughts on “group 45 close (round 1)

  1. Interesting selection of songs and many of my favourites. However I listened to some of the songs as I was proceeding and only half of Iceland 2010 to remind me of her live performance but then the songs disappeared and I could not proceed. I don’t need to listen to the live performances and songs I play or watch regularly. Saying that, it’s a good game.

  2. The video for Finland 2010 has been removed and alas the song as well as Switzerland 2004. It has therefore not been possible to vote. As with previous groups, can you please correct this error and then I can vote.

    1. when u will find a video that doesnt work,first u must write the video to correct it and second u can go to youtube and to listen the u can vote.i am one person and very difficult for me to make the site,to contact with the voters to work with the voting and etc.i hope to understand it

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