group 57 (round 1-the 2015 2016 and 2017 songs)

vote for the best eurovision song II the game is for the period round 2,there will be the best 623 eurovision songs in 24 groups .the first 11 songs from each group will qualify to round 3.the voters must vote -eurovision style (12,10 8 and etc and also u can vote songs from your countries). the voting from each group will close when we will have at least 50 voters to each groups.For a fair game, u must listen all the songs before voting (not to vote only the songs that u know and of course u must know all the eurovision songs).

i can’t count votes without name,country and e-mail so dont forget to fill it the form. the group opens on 12 april 2017.

be careful : don’t forget to write your name, country and e-mail.
i can’t count votes without these. also if u are a new eurovision fan and u don’t know all the eurovision songs. u must listen the songs to each group before voting. To be the game fair for all the songs and second to know all the eurovision songs.

thanks for your participation and for your help to the game.

1 Austria 2015 The Makemakes I am yours
2 Estonia 2015 Elina Born & Stig Rästa Goodbye to yesterday
3 Yugoslavia 1976 Ambasadori Ne Mogu Skriti Svoj Bol
4 Cyprus 2017 Hovig Gravity
5 Bulgaria 2017 Kristian Kostov Beautiful mess
6 Belarus 2015 Uzari & Maimuna Time
7 San Marino 2017 Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson Spirit of the night
8 Finland 1991 Kaija Kärkinen Hullo Yö
9 Malta 2017 Claudia Faniello Breathlessly
10 Serbia 2015 Bojana Stamenov Ceo svet je moj
11 Poland 2016 Michał Szpak Color of your life
12 Estonia 2017 Koit Toome & Laura Verona
13 United Kingdom 2017 Lucie Jones Never give up on you
14 Romania 2017 Ilinca feat. Alex Florea Yodel it!
15 Serbia 2017 Tijana Bogićević In too deep
16 Israel 2017 IMRI I feel alive
17 Lithuania 2017 Fusedmarc Rain of revolution
18 Slovenia 2017 Omar Naber On my way
19 Cyprus 2006 Annet Artani Why Angels Cry
20 France 2016 Amir J’ai cherché
21 Ukraine 2016 Jamala 1944
22 Germany 2015 Ann Sophie Black smoke
23 Belarus 2016 Ivan Help you fly