group 1-preselection greece

Vote for the best preselection greek song that have taken part to the greek finals (greek finals or songs that withdrew from the contest). The voters must fill the voting form with your points (12,10,8 etc) and then to fill it with name, country and e-mail. Also the voters must listen all the songs before voting. If there is no the video of one song then it will be difficult to vote someone this song, so in this case, if u know something about this song or when we can find it, please contact with me.

the first 11 songs to the next round and the best wild card songs.

thank u very much for your help.

round 1

1 No Madonna No Madonna dantis 2007
2 Let me be the one Let me be the one Kostas Bigalis & Mirella Fragkopoulou 2002
3 Ela sto mytho Come to the myth Giorgos Antoniou 1987
4 Deisdaemona Desdemona Efstathia Mantzoufa 1998
5 San oneiro Like a dream Evi Dikou 1998
6 Erota sofe Wise love Stamatis Papadakis 1998
7 Se nostalgo I miss you Vivetta Koursi 1998
8 Crash and burn Crash and burn C:Real 2015
9 The time is now The time is now Valanto Trifonos 2011
10 Tiki-tak Tiki-tak Milli Karali 1980

No Video (please contact if u know something about it)

11 Agapi, agapi Love, love Dakis 1983
12 Enochos Guilty Nei Epivates 1989

No Video (please contact if u know something about it)

13 Hamogela Smile Triimitonio 2011
14 Ο kirios nobel mr nobel anna vissi 1978
15 Etsi apla s’agapo I love you, that’s simple Glykeria 1980
16 L’ amore e’ la strada Love is the way Alexandros Chatzis 2003
17 Tu non c’eri qui Tu non c’eri qui Veronika 2002
18 Kapios erotas fotia A love like fire Dimitra Aggelou & Alter Ego 2003
19 Dancing night Dancing night Mark Angelo feat. Josephine 2014
20 Perimeno I wait Efi Sarri 1987
21 Ora chi Hour X Aggeliki Bazigou 1991
22 Ta dentra The trees Dimitris Lydos 1983
23 Nana Nana Michalis Rakintzis 1989
24 Mono essi boreis Only you can Louisa Konne 1991
25 A chance to love A chance to love Chrispa 2008